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SuperCharge Your Immune System
July 18, 2021 WPAdministrator

SuperCharge Your Immune System

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It there is one lesson we should have learned from the recent COVID virus, it is that our immune systems are not as strong as they should be. That should be a major focus of discussion … in news media, on social media, in doctor’s offices. Unfortunately, it is not even part of the discussion!

We should be asking why so many of us have weak immune systems. That is not a complex answer but there are many contributing factors. We live in a toxic world. Our food supply is full of additives, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and genetically engineered “nutrients” that our bodies don’t recognize so they do not provide nutrition for our cells. Our environments are filled with chemicals and pollutants from food packaging, household products, and lawn care products. These chemicals and pollutants disrupt our hormones and create immune issues. In addition to these physical factors, we also experience mental stress at unprecedented levels, further compromising our immune function.

Many people don’t make the connection between poor nutrition and immune function but the quality of nutrients in our food and our ability to absorb and use them significantly impacts our immune systems as well as all aspects of our health. We need to consume real food … plants that are full of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients; plants grown without pesticides and herbicides; plants grown in asoil that allows the natural ecosystem to flourish and enrich them. We need to consume quality protein … that may include animals that are raised in pastures instead of contained in buildings; animals that are allowed to exercise and absorb sunlight; animals that are allowed to eat their natural diet. We need to consume healthy fats … an increased amount of omega-3 fatty acids that protect against many health issues and a decreased amount of omega-6 fatty acids; a combination of both saturated and unsaturated fats from healthy plant and animal sources; good fats that help our bodies make energy, protect our organs, and produce hormones. Healthy macronutrients full of all the micronutrients we need are required for healthy immune function.

Even less well known than the nutrition connection is the connection between a healthy immune system and our lifestyle behaviors. Certain lifestyle practices, or the lack of them, also significantly affect immune function. Some of those include getting the right quantity of quality sleep, stress management, regular physical activity, and behaviors in our daily routine that help our immune systems build adequate innate and adaptive defenses.

The COVID virus will probably not be the last time we are exposed to a new virus. The best defense is a healthy immune system. If you want to learn more about all of the ways to strengthen your immune system, you can attend my 6-week Supercharge Your Immune System seminar. The seminar is conducted over Zoom, 1 session per week, 30-45 minutes per session. Contact me at aprilz@newsensenutrition.com if you are interested!

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