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Go In and In
July 17, 2013 WPAdministrator

Go In and In

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I have to share this poem that my yoga instructor read to us on Saturday morning to start our session off.

It is called Go In and In and the author is Danna Faulds.

Go in and in,

Be the space between two cells, the vast resounding silence in which spirit dwells.

Be sugar dissolving on the tongue of life.

Dive in and in, as deep as you can dive.

Be infinite, ecstatic truth.

Be love conceived and born in union.

Be exactly what you seek, the Beloved, singing yes, tasting yes, embracing yes, until there is only Essence, the All of Everything expressing through you as you.

Go in and in and turn away from nothing that you find.

I love this … it is awesome!

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